_____ Generative Shape Design

generative shape design

Videotutorial – catia v5 – gsd – Hexagon Grill – “easy”

In catia v5 there is also an easier solution – the wrap surface command! Enjoy!

Videotutorial – catia v5 – gsd – Silencer / Muffler

Done with shape filets with hold curve and spine – you can download the pdf and the part from my...

Videotutorial – catia v5 – freestyle – Car Fender – Kotflügel

You can download the files from my grabcad account.This is done quick and dirty, In order to get better results...

Videotutorial – catia v5 – gsd – Combustion Chamber

Remake of an old video – enjoy! You can download the start-step file here: https://grabcad.com/library/combustion-chamber-exercise-catia-v5-siemens-nx-12-1

Videotutorial – catia v5 – gsd – Multi Section Surface with Spine ( Bicycle Handlebar)

Download the start stp-file here: https://grabcad.com/library/bicycle-handlebar-multi-section-loft-with-spine-central-curve-1

Videotutorial – catia v5 – gsd – Multi Section Surface – Guides

You can add guides and control the continuity to adjacent surfaces. Please note those curves have to fullfil certain criterias!

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