Videotutorial spiral cable – done in all programs

A flexible spiral cable – done in most of the programs – enjoy!

Videotutorial – trennwand – done in all programs

Simple exercise for surfaces – done in all programs – enjoy!  

Videotutorial – solidworks 2015 – spiral cable

Similar to the catia v5 version, slightly less work. Enjoy!

Videotutorial – catia v5 – userwish – springplate

This is just to give you an idea how to start if you want to do a “springplate”.

Colourcoding for the HD videotutorials

I´ve started to mark all the HD videos with a colourcoded diagonal stripe so you can better recognize the used...

Videotutorial – kurbelgehaeuse -done in all programs

This part of the graupner model plan engine – done in all programs. Some are still not in HD and...

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